Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One down...

I finally finished decorating my first ornament! I bought a package of 24 shatterproof ornaments about a week and a half ago. This decoration just sits on the ball... I don't think shatterproof means unbreakable. I want to be able to transfer the tatting to another ornament if I choose! I was inspired by a beautiful beaded ornament by Nancy Tracy at be-stitched.com, but I didn't want to put as much work into it as she did... I'm running out of time! Nancy used the Hen and Chicks pattern for the top part of her decoration because of its natural curve. I really like Nancy's pattern, and I may add to this after the holidays.


  1. This is lovely Diane! Well done!
    Does this mean that you are back on the tatting horse?

  2. Very pretty, can't wait to see the next!

  3. Very pretty. Nice to see some more tatting from your hands!

  4. Yup... I'm back in the saddle again! You should see my pile of scraps... lack of concentration I guess!


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