Friday, November 23, 2007

What a find!

My sister, Janet, my brother, David, and I flew down to Alabama to visit our parents this past week. While we were there, my mom gave me this wonderful pattern book that she found. It was published by The Spool Cotton Company in 1944... 37 designs in one 10 cent book! I started the first edging right away, but I left my tatting in Alabama! Mom will send it to me next week.


  1. I have this one too! Even though my mother wasn't even conceived yet in 1947...I miss those days!

  2. Well, Diane, I hope your hands look just like those ones when you tat! LOL

  3. Ha! Ha! Not a chance! I have short, stubby hands. I keep my fingernails short. I don't wear nail polish... it makes my palms sweat. And saddest of all, I don't own a red plastic shuttle... yet!


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