Sunday, October 12, 2008

Coral Reef Spinning Wheel

I can't help myself! I just keep on tatting these beautiful little glass mats... I can't wait to see how the pattern looks in different threads!

Coral Reef size 20 HDT by Pamela Myers is a fabulous thread to work with! If you haven't tried HDT yet, please check out the threads available from Pamela, Marilee, and Sherry... they're all wonderful! I can't say that I prefer one person's HDT over another. Each of these talented ladies has her own sense of which colors work well together, and I love every thread I've ordered from each of them!

I'd be content to tat if I had never been introduced to HDT, but since I have started using HDT, I find it tedious to tat with some of the "plain" threads. Closing rings is a smoother process. It's easier to take out my mistakes. The feel of the final piece is wonderful.To me, the difference between HDT and other threads is like the difference between butter and margarine. Margarine's o.k., but I could eat hot buttered toast with REAL butter until I made myself sick! I have a lot in common with Mercy Watson! ; )


  1. You are soooo wicked Diane, LOL.

    Finally gave in to the temptation and placed an order for Pamela's Rainbow and Coral Reef.

  2. The spinning wheels in HDT are marvellous. You are ready now to learn clunies!

  3. The Coral Reef color looks great! I just placed an order for her Coral Reef, Blue Lagoon and Apple Blossome HDT! I can't wait to get it!!! Thanks for the fun comment on my blog post!

  4. I think this is my favorite color so far! Beautiful!

  5. Amen to that. I am so addicted that I am making my own for my fellow countrymen. Will post pictures soon.

  6. What a great way to put it....butter to margarine....genius!


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