Friday, October 3, 2008

Tatting for Halloween?

Maybe... I'm not much of a Halloween person... never have been, but when Sherry Pence blogged about HallowScream (size 20 HDT) and showed pictures, I knew I just had to have this thread! It's much prettier in person... the scan just doesn't do it justice. Now I have another Spinning Wheel glass mat to add to my collection! I guess I'd better start blocking my finished pieces...


  1. It's amazing how different each pieces looks in a different color. Beautiful!

  2. You do Beautiful work Diane, and you got all of them done so quickly.
    I still have to finish the second one that I want to do, I have it started, but too many other things have pushed their way in. sunday at the tatting demonstration I will be tatting all day. I have 2 doilies that I want to finish, and the glass matt is one of them. Wish me luck.
    I will post what I get done.

  3. you must be on a roll, Diane. I think you can make the next with your eyes closed, LOL!

    You produce great work using the HDTs. And Sherry does produce a wonderful selection.

  4. I can't tell which is your bigger addiction, HDT or the Spinning Wheel pattern but they both make a wonderful combination.

  5. Fab colours. I don't 'do' halloween either but am classed as an 'old witch'!!! Lovely, lovely work.

  6. Wow doesn't that pattern lend itself to HDT. Hallow Scream looks AMAZING.


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