Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More inspiration!

This time I was inspired by a facebook post by Barbara Payne. She had a lovely coaster, and I asked for the name of the pattern. Believe it or not, I have the book!

It's funny that sometimes patterns seem so difficult to me until I see what someone else has done. Why is that? I guess I have to see that someone other than the designer is able to follow the pattern!

This is the first doily pattern in Tatted Fashion by Teiko Fujito. If I'm counting correctly, I have ten rounds to go, so this one will take me a while to complete. The thread is size 50 Altin Basak, color #363. So far, so good! Thanks for the inspiration, Barbara!

I also had the urge to bling yesterday.

This time I decided to make a personalized shuttle for myself. Can you see the sparkly little "D" in the middle? Of course, I had to add a touch of blue!


  1. How you get so much tatting done every single day is a complete marvel to me! Wow. The doily is looking great!

  2. I love the doily center. I hope you'll post your progress as you go. It is so much fun to see projects develop.

    Your personalized shuttle is very elegant. I spotted the monogram right away.

  3. C'est magnifique! How are you getting so much done so fast! Wonder-tatter!
    Fox : ))

  4. That doily is gorgeous so far!!! :)

  5. Lovely!!! Now you have inspired me to start over on this doily and actually make it a doily :) hehehe I made a mistake on one of the rounds and just didn't want to fix it. It makes a really cute coaster but, I see it every day and think gee I should try again and make the doily! Maybe I will start this tomorrow and see how far I can get this time. LOL

  6. Your doily is looking lovely. I like that piece for a coaster too. Pretty shuttle--so chic!

  7. The doily looks lovely, and I love the color combo on the shuttle!

  8. Beautiful pattern and I like your bit of bling.

  9. Your blue doily is lovely and will be a treasure. Love your blue bling shuttle with the sparkly D. Wonderful Wednesday...

  10. Ola! minha querida amiga
    não poderia deixar de vir até aqui neste dia especial do amigo, trazer-te um bj e abraço da amizade.
    Amiga, no meu blog tem dois selinhos que estou oferecendo a vc, se quiser pode pegar eles são seus.

  11. Yes! Actually reading blogs was what inspired me to reach out socially as a tatter. I've never tried blogging before this, but it's very encouraging to have input and know other people are reading what I have to say! I still think you put us to shame with how much you get done every day! I feel like a putz. But at least I keep putzing! :)

  12. A beautiful pattern Diane! I have a shuttle, thread & beginner tatting book but now I just need some extra time in my day! Your tatting is truly inspirational :)

  13. You Inspire Me, Diane!

    Lovely "D" shuttle.


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