Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lovin' Mary Konior!

Yup... I had the urge to tat another Spinning Wheel glass mat by Mary Konior! The Lizbeth "Juicy Watermelon" just kept calling my name and urging me to tat with it! What's a girl to do?

I did decide to expand my horizons and tat another design from Mary's fabulous Tatting with Visual Patterns. Call me silly, but I never had the urge to tat the little piece in Lizbeth "Caribbean" because of it's name... "Dress Trim." I didn't have a dress I wanted to trim, so there was no need to tat it!

The other night, I was taking a break from tatting, and I decided to read... yes, I said READ... some of Tatting with Visual Patterns. I was interested in Mary's information on designing with hexagons. Funny, I had never thought of this design as a hexagon until I read the information. Sometimes I can be so dense!

So now my next decision is... do I content myself with one motif and move on to another design? Or, should I tat some more and make a doily or a table scarf? I guess I'll just have to wait and see where inspiration takes me!


  1. I love this motif and your color

  2. Wow! I love the way the colors flow in your Spinning Wheel Glass Mat! Good job! I like the Dress Trim you, I never made it because I didn't need a dress trim. Now, I think I need to tat this one - soon!

  3. Wow so pretty. Lizabeth thread is so cool to tat

  4. The latest spinning wheel mat is so "juicy". LOL looking forward to seeing more from Mary's book. ;p

  5. Love the colors, nice tatting. I will have to try that pattern.

  6. I never thought to "read" the book because it's so easy to glance through. You've inspired me.

    I love the little hexagon!

  7. I really need to try the Spinning Wheel pattern - something that is so pretty and gives you so much enjoyment every time you tat it has got to be good!

    :) Ann

  8. Your spinning wheel mats always look wonderful - this one is a great summer color!

    I think I need to slow down and READ sometimes too - I get so involved in looking at the patterns I forget to read the great information that's included.

  9. Very pretty!

    Maybe that is why you get a lot of tatting done! I spend far too much time reading the books far into the night and then am too tired to tat!
    Fox : )

  10. I was browsing through an Elgiva Nicholls' book this morning and thought...I really should take the time to read this...for the umpteenth time. Every so often someone mentions one of these books and what they've learned from it which reminds me that I could probably be an even better tatter if I did too. In fact, something caught my eye in Elgiva's book to study but I'm a little commited to other things now.

    You always tickle me when you tat another spinning wheel! That motif doesn't have near the appeal to me that it does to you. I've tatted it a few times and I'm good with that but you just keep coming up with new ones in new colors! I suspect you've nearly got a tablecloth now, don't you?

  11. I love the color on this one. This looks like size 10. Is it? Have you tried Lizbeth 10 yet? If so, do you like it? I see I'm going to have to make this one too.

    This is my favorite pattern too and I like it in both size 10 and 20. It looks better in 20 but I like the size it turns out in 10.

    Gotta get some juicy...


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