Monday, July 18, 2011

Inspired by Ann

The other day, Ann posted a picture of edging No. 52 from Old-Fashioned Tatting Patterns Book 1, edited by Barbara Foster. I immediately knew that she had tatted from a book that I had merely skimmed. Have I ever mentioned that my collection of tatting books is greater than my tatting? Anyway, I went and searched through my tatting books, and to my dismay... I couldn't find it! So, I shuffled off to bed.

After a little shopping spree yesterday (unfortunately we shopped for mulch, not tatting supplies), I started thinking about that book again. I was sure it had a lavender cover. I looked in the bookcase again... no luck. I went to the Handy Hands site and looked up the book. Yup... that's the book... back to my sewing room for a more careful look. Guess what? It was right where it was supposed to be! Somehow it was pushed back a little, and the edges of other books had covered it up. You'd think a librarian would remember that these things happen!

I had just a little bit of Confetti Sprinkles from LadyShuttleMaker, so I decided to look for a shuttle only pattern.

There it is, that tiny little piece under the word "Tatting". I just thought I'd show you the cover of the book in case you can't remember where you put your copy! ; )

Isn't it cute? I need to work on my bare thread lengths to keep them uniform, but I still like the way it turned out. This is very similar to the edging Ann tatted, which I didn't realize until I looked at the picture on her blog again. I followed the pattern for Tatted Insertion-Edging No. 20, which has slightly smaller rings, and does not show a crocheted header.

Several other patterns caught my eye. Just what I need... more ideas! Thanks for the inspiration, Ann!


  1. That would make a lovely hanky edging. I am really tempted by the Confetti Sprinkle thread.

  2. So cute! Perfect in that thread. You just gotta keep checking that library of yours!
    Fox : )

  3. That is SO pretty in Confetti Sprinkle!

    I'm working on a Rosette from that book next. Thank goodness for split rings - it has made it go much faster than attaching trefoils one at a time like they used to do.

    Glad you were able to locate the book!

    :) Ann

  4. I really can't keep up with all the tatting AND posting that you do! It's all I can do to just follow the blogs, which I love to do! I always appreciate your comments on my blog!

    That pattern may indeed be classified as 'old fashioned' because it looks similar to one in an 1861 booklet called "Tatting and Edging Insertions" and is named "Etruscan Border"

    At the moment I don't have access to the Antique Pattern Library site (need to update the Adobe Reader), but in my post of Sept. 9, 2008 (when I did have access) I showed a snippet I tatted from the book, which is by "Riego, de la Branchardiere" (no less!), and found on page 11/16! It seems unusual for them to actually name the patterns back then. I speculated that it could be related to 'hens and chicks'.

    The Pattern Library seems much more sophisticated now. They have detailed information about how it works and apparently an improved search feature. A lot of effort has gone into it and is a wonderful resource. I hope to update my Adobe Reader soon so I can again have access to it.

  5. Beautiful!
    Glad to hear that the world's most organized librarian (you) didn't lose the book!

  6. Hi Diane: My you have been busy tatting. I missed a few days and must read backwards to catch up. Your snowflake and edging are beautiful. That confetti sprinkle thread is gorgeous and really adds to your tatted pieces. Wonderful week to you...

  7. I LOVE those colors!!! They make that edging look so fun! :)


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