Friday, July 1, 2011

Still catching up!

I must spend far more time on the Internet each day than I ever realized! I think I've read all the posts made in my absence, but I didn't take the time to comment on them all. I am amazed at the number of talented people I have met through blogging!

Just before my Internet went out, I received one of Michelle's adorable little shuttles. I LOVE flat shuttles! I know that they're not everyone's first choice, but I think they're great! I can wind an incredible amount of thread on them, and I can't stab myself! Thank you, Michelle!

After attending two lace events this year, my enthusiasm for bobbin lace has returned. I really, really wanted Christine Springett's Lace for Children of All Ages, just so that I could have her famous snake pattern! As I was searching, I found her book Snakes Galore, which has 10 variations of the pattern. The book is paperback, $10.95, 20 pages. I am in snake heaven, and I am scared to death of snakes! I found these two at Fine Threads. You'd better hurry if you're interested. I was told they had four copies of Lace for Children of All Ages ($24.95, 72 pages, soft cover) when I called, and I know at least one has sold to a friend of mine since I ordered. I've been told that Christine Springett might still have a few copies, but then you'd have to wait for it to ship all the way from England! ; )

When I contacted Lacy Susan for a copy of Springett's book, I learned that Susan had sold her last copy the week before. However, she did recommend another book that some of her students really like... Torchon Lacemaking by Jan Tregidgo. It's a bit pricey, $39.95, but it is hardcover, 238 pages, loaded with pictures, and from what I've read, it has fabulous instructions! I am very pleased with my purchase!

I finished sewing the strips for my quilt last night. Today's task is to press them. It's supposed to be hot and humid today, so I think I'll work on that little task this morning!


  1. Holly Van Sciver still had some Springette books too. I got that Torchon book online for $23.97 plus shipping which ended up being close to $30 but enough less to feel I got a bargain. I.O.L.I. had a copy so I got to see it first and agree it's a book worth getting. Very detailed color photos besides the text. Haven't started it yet, but I plan to after I finish the current project.

  2. That first sentence - I spend WAY too much time reading all the tatting blogs...I can't help myself! So many interesting and talented librarians - oh, sorry - tatters out there in Tat-land!
    Fox : )

  3. I know what you mean I spend a lot of time reading blogs every day, lovely book I am sure it will be an investment, as I keep seeing some of my books with amazing high prices, I thankful I brought some of them years ago.
    Enjoy your new shuttle look forward to seeing what you make with it

  4. I liken blog reading to my Mom's magazine flipping. Blogs are stumbled on + followed + I learn new techniques every day.

    I've never tried a flat shuttle. I probably should have picked one up at the Lace Day vendor - I just didn't think I could manage it.

    Now that I tried 'beads' I can see where a flat shuttle might be helpful.

    I am grateful for your book reviews. Being new to the sport, I don't think I could tell what was 'good' or 'confusing' - it all looked overwhelming to me.

    The Jan Tregidgo is a must-have. I obtained thru Barnes and Noble. With the membership card, shipping is free.

    The two Springett's books are wonderful pattern books. What fun.

    After tatting, shuttle blinging, bobbin lace making, there is QUILTING, too! you are the energizer bunny ; )


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