Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two more rounds!

I really haven't felt motivated to do much with all this heat, but I did manage to complete two more rounds of my doily!

Sporadic Internet and cell phone service are driving me crazy. Can it be due to the heat? I guess time will tell.


  1. It looks great!! I cant tat in this heat today i hope tomorrow is better

  2. Your doily looks great, Diane! Nice pattern.

    The heat and humidity has been horrible - but today we had a little break so I got some weeding done before we get back to the tropics tomorrow. (ugh!)

    Stay cool :)


  3. Very nice! The spokes are so straight and nicely aligned. I know if I tried to do something like that, it wouldn't look that good until after blocking.

  4. It is looking so pretty!

    You are getting so much done. I am sitting here dripping, really just soaked. No one can stop sweating in this oppressive heat. Toronto is a sauna!

    But I am tatting anyway - So there! Even though all my work is wilted and droopy- like me!
    Fox : )

  5. I bet that is going to be absolutely gorgeous when finished!!! I love how it looks right now! :)

  6. That looks like perfect tatting. It looks like a very interesting pattern.

    Heat and humidity is all year round, here where I live. That is why the air-con is my best, best friend.

  7. Gorgeous! I guess I have another book of tatting patterns going on the wishlist!

  8. Two more rounds and the entire look changed. It is stunning...

  9. I love how it is looking now and can't wait to see the finish. If only I have the pattern and the need to tat, I will make one of my own using my HDTs (variegated or solid - still loving the solids).

  10. Its looking good, I love this pattern, we have rain and its cool here not a bit like summer, our spring was wonderful but summer is ebing a bit of a wash out.

  11. Very beautiful! Our power was out for awhile yesterday. Very frustrating to get things done!

    Enjoy the day!!!


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