Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yes-U-Can Doily Challenge - Tatting Progress Day 11

I haven't made much progress, only two pattern repeats. I've been so sleepy this week that I find it difficult to keep my eyes open once I sit down in my chair!

If you take a really close look, you'll see that this last round does not have consistent stitch counts in each pattern repeat. I decided to make minor stitch adjustments to see what I like best. So, there are no mistakes in this round... it's a sampler round to see what I like best! ; )


  1. You're moving right along there!

  2. So far it's working out perfectly! Your chains in the middle give it a lot of substance, and this last round is a wonderful design.

  3. LOL! That's my entire doily! I'm not sure how many different counts/joins etc that I've tried through-out. I like your definition of a sampler. Your doily is looking very nice (love that blue:) ).


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