Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tatted Jewelry by Marilee Rockley

I received my notice this morning that Marilee Rockley's Tatted Jewelry is available to order through Annie's Attic! I've placed my order. Have you? : )

Congratulations, Marilee! My next big thrill will be when they stop listing tatting under "Technique: Crochet."


  1. Same here! and I must say I was surprised because I thought it wouldn't be available until November!!!! This will be an early Merry Christmas to me!

  2. Me too! Actually I ordered a few for presents! So excited for Marilee! She deserves all the success because she is an awesome artist!

  3. It's on my Christmas Wish List!

  4. Re: Crochet Listing. I guess if you don't do the craft, one technique is as good as another. Like a motorcycle vs a car: they are both transportation and both have wheels... Oy.

  5. The book is on my Christmas list! I LOVE Marilee's jewelry.

    Funny - crochet is SO different than tatting. But, DH calls them both knitting, so go figure :)

  6. I agree, *why* call ot crotchet????

    Anyway, thanks for the heads up, Marilee's designs are just gorgeus!

  7. So far I'm still waiting to see an actual printed copy of the book - but I did see a rough draft as it was in progress, and I thought that the publisher did a really beautiful job, especially since tatting patterns were something they didn't have much experience with.

    Last time I checked Annie's Attic they now have "Tatted Jewelry" listed under beading and jewelry, not crochet any more. The beading category should give the book lots of exposure, so I'm happy. If you put tatting in the search box it comes up, too.

    I ordered some books for my Etsy shop as well.


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