Monday, October 10, 2011

Just for you!

Dear Tatting Friends,

Some of you have asked for my directions for the Yes-U-Can Doily. If you follow the link at the top of the page, you'll find my interpretation of the doily.

I'm not a designer, and my pattern writing skills leave a lot to be desired, so please be patient! If you do find any glaring mistakes, please let me know so that I can correct my copy of the pattern.




  1. Your doily is looking very nice! Mine isn't nearly as neatly done as yours. I haven't looked through your pattern yet, but I totally agree with you that writing out patterns is much harder (and not as fun) as actually tatting it. I think my last round will be done slightly different than yours (I skimmed through that round very briefly) because I'm using two colors of thread. I haven't posted any pictures yet - haven't taken any yet - but I'm planning to tomorrow. This has been a fun challenge!

  2. Somehow you've managed to write out your notes, while still working on the doily. It's so nice of you to share this!

    You also have put tabs at the top of your blog that I hadn't noticed before! I'd like to do that on my blog.

  3. I think you are amazing and, yes, I was one of those asking for directions to help me get going. I got the ring tatted and then had a brain burp for the mock picot! What! Then I had more burps so I put it down.
    I'm going to check out your directions!!!!


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