Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yes-U-Can Doily Challenge - Tatting Progress Day 5

Two more flower motifs! That means this round is 1/4 finished!

Slowly, slowly, slowly... it's coming together!


  1. Wow...I thought it was completed and ever so beautiful before this round of gorgeous flowers. Love love love the blue...

  2. I'm always amazed how quickly you tat! You seem to be getting the knot count just right! It would be fun to know where than tin came from and how the design got on the lid!

  3. I like the center on this. Probably not something I'd make but I'm enjoying your progress. It's always fun to see how something turns out without having to actually tat it - especially when you don't have time!

  4. I love it! Your chains turned out beautifully and the flowers look great!


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