Friday, March 23, 2012

Sulky Blendables #4013 ~ Sun and Sea

Now that I have a copy of the Sulky Blendables chart, I can give you the color names along with the numbers. I was so excited to get this list, I went back and added the names to my previous posts. I know Jess will be happy to know the names! ; )

This adorable shuttle is from a shuttle exchange with Tattabugg a few years ago. Every time I use this shuttle I think about the patience it took to apply these leaves and flowers so perfectly, especially since the pattern is on both sides. I've tried attaching stickers and cutouts... not for me! I do much better with tissue, scrapbooking paper, and fabric. I'm also no good at painting. I'm glad I know so many talented people who are willing to exchange with me so that I can have it all!


  1. Oh that Sulky is amazing. I love all the Sulky motifs you've shown. Must get my mucky mitts on some if I get to the USA again. Ah, wonder if I can get them in the UK? Off to have a look! Why can't I follow comments on some blogs nowadays? Yours seems to be one of those. Darn.

  2. Let me know how your Sulky in 12wt is. Love these colors.

  3. I'm glad you were able to go. I was thinking about it; however, our older dog was not feeling well (I think it was the Frontline application) and I didn't want to leave him + come home to doggie messes : (

    Hope you had a good time!!! I was interested in the make-n-take area, a woven pin. Maybe I'll just wing it.

  4. That sulky is lovely, gorgeous colour


  5. Love it!! That's so crazy that they have such wonderful names for the colors but they aren't the spool. But, I guess there isn't much room on there for much more than a number. :o)


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