Friday, March 23, 2012

Sulky Blendables #4006 ~ Autumn

This thread definitely looks like Autumn to me! The shuttle is one of my favorites from LaCossette.

Funny, I never was able to get the hang of using a bobbin shuttle until I tried one of LaCossette's. I'm not sure if I was used to closing rings by pulling on the shuttle instead of the thread, or if I had some other problem, but now I do love these shuttles!


  1. you are making me so jealous!!

  2. Very nice autumn. Have enjoyed seeing all your motifs and colors. My favorite shuttles have bobbins. They are so much quicker to load and the hook on the end is so handy on the aero. Karen in OR

  3. Very pretty!! I just don`t know how you use those thin threads!! Good for you!! My kind of colours and my favorite season!! But I will be happy when spring blooms!!

  4. Another beautiful thread. Are the threads 100% cotton?
    I have not been able to successfully get the bobbin shuttle threads to work right. The thread seems to be either too tight or too loose.


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