Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oval Doily

There was a question posed at The Tatting Forums regarding the Oval Doily from A New Twist on Tatting. Although I've owned this book for many, many years, I've never been inspired to tat anything from it.

I did find the directions a bit confusing, but I did my best to interpret the pattern. I found that tatting with two colors helped me keep track of what I was doing. This is size 20 Lizbeth, #670 and #685. I'm not sure if I'll continue or not. This is the first of nine rounds, so it's a pretty big undertaking.

Have you tried this pattern? What's your experience with the directions?


  1. Good luck with that! That was the first tatting book I ever bought and it was because of that oval doily and the heart. It was confusing then and still confusing now, eleven years later. I doubt I'll ever try to tat anything from it again.

  2. That is one of the books I received from my grandma...the gallery section is fun to leaf through, but the patterns seem hard to follow and not as inspiring as others I have, so I have yet to tat anything from that book.

  3. Your oval doily looks very nicely done. I've still only tatted 2 rings!!! Visiting your wonderful blog always keeps inspiring me :)

  4. This is one of the first tatting books I bought because of the beautiful pictures. I've tatted four or five patterns from from it and found most of them to be confusing or even to have actual mistakes in them. I thought at the time it was because I was new to tatting, but if everyone else is having difficulties, then maybe it wasn't me. The pics are fun to look through though.

  5. I've tatted several of the projects from this book including the oval doily. All of them were given away as gifts. I think number 31 was the first one that I tatted. The needle case doll on page 64 was fun and each can be decorated differently making a nice gift for friends who craft, but don't tat. I think Mom still has the one I made for her.

  6. I don't have this book, your doily looks lovely as far, I am waiting to see how you get on with it

  7. On InTatters somebody just asked about that pattern... Perhaps you could help paperlace to start?

  8. I bought this book because of the nice pictures. I have started this pattern and find that the pictures are not helpful because it gives you nothing to refer to.

    The authors way of writing patterns is probably the worst i have ever seen. She is just confusing and seems to leave out vital instructions.

    Your picture of the centre section is great - I shall use it to get my piece right. perhaps you should complete it re-writing the instructions as you go. It would assist the rest of of us to make it too.


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