Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A little of this, a little of that

It was a cool and rainy day here in northern Illinois. That was fine by us! Joanne, Mom, and I spent time knitting. Carol came over to celebrate her birthday, and I was even able to find some time to tat!

Joanne took knitting lessons when she was a little girl, but since it's been so long, she needed a refresher lesson. Mom sat down with her last night while I was making dinner, and got her started on a garter stitch scarf. Her stitches are so nice and even!

I made a little progress on my diagonal stitch scarf today.

Mom is much more focused than I am, so she was able to accomplish a lot more!

I didn't tat for very long tonight, but as long as I'm making progress, I'm happy!


  1. Looks like things are getting accomplished!! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a nice few days with family and enjoyed having stitch time with them. And got a few things accomplished at the same time! :-)

  3. Wow! Joanne's stitches are very even indeed! Good job!
    Your diagonal scarf looks wonderful, too!
    And then your mom's knitting looks like it is from a seasoned knitter. :)

    Love the tatting you are doing.

  4. Such rich colours in that thread you are using for your edging... is that Jelly Beans or something like that?

  5. Your tatted edging is just sooo pretty, Diane! Love all the knitting too. You girls are all very talented! xo

  6. Two scarves are coming along nicely,
    Your edging is looking lovely are you attaching as you tat?

  7. Lovely knitting. How wonderful to have family time and spend it together doing what you love. Makes me want to use my tiny circular knitting needles I just had to buy one day at the local yarn store...except I don't know how. So like me to buy something thinking I can learn by osmosis!!! Smiles...

  8. I love your beautiful edging the colours are perfect and your knitting looks lovely x

  9. Such pretty knitting! I have a portion of a scarf resting on my knitting basket, should really get to that. The tatted edging looks so bright and cheery!


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