Friday, July 26, 2013

Tollway Tatters meet again!

We were a small group today, but we did have fun!

Sue Anna worked on jewelry, adapting one of Marilee Rockley's patterns for an earring idea she has.

Barb worked on another of Jon Yusoff's Elegant Tatting Gems.

I finished the Spinning Wheel glass mat that I messed up a couple of weeks ago.

I think we all indulged in way too much food, which is easy to do when you're tatting and chatting with friends!


  1. I know you all had a great time!! :)
    Miss you all and can't wait till I can join you again!! :)

  2. If only I lived closer......
    The finished spinning wheel is gorgeous!
    Beautiful work.

  3. Beautiful spinning wheel, love the colour how its worked out,
    Wish there was not this great big pond between us so I could join you.

  4. Glad you managed to sort out your spinning wheel, it looks lovely. Great to be able to meet up with fellow tatters in person!

  5. What lovely vibrant colours on your spinning wheel.
    What thread did you use?

  6. I think it is a great idea you tatters meeting up and lovely to see a familiar face Sue Anna

  7. So wish I could have been there! I can't make August either but hope to come to the next.


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