Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Two Tollway Tatters Dates

Just a quick update... play practice has been beastly hot, but the show must go on! Final dress rehearsal is tomorrow, with performances Friday and Saturday. The cast party will be at my house on Sunday. Anyone feel like coming over to clean? ;-)

Daughter Alison came to take pictures last Friday. From left to right you see Sandy, Kathy, Mark, Jen, and me. Our big number is "Kids" from  Bye, Bye Birdie.


Sorry for the short notice, but Tollway Tatters will be meeting Friday, July 26 and Thursday, August 8. We're going to have a special guest August 8, so if you can attend, please drop me an email. I'd like an approximate number of attendees for the August date.

Time to get ready for play practice!


  1. Love the picture. Break a leg! ☺

  2. will you post a video of the performance? I'd love to hear you all singing!

  3. I hope you post some pictures of the performance,
    As they say break a leg.

  4. I hope to see pictures too. Break a leg and have loads of fun.

  5. Sounds awesome and would love to join you all, but weekdays don't work for me, and for the August date, I will(Lord willin') be at Dollywood for a vacation!!! :)
    I know you will all have a blast, and just know I will be there in thoughts and prayers! :)

  6. Now I can't get that song out of my mind! Aways liked that one!

    I don't know how you're managing without A/C. You don't look like you're wilting at all! I've been hiding in my house for three days, staying nice and quiet!

  7. I love your new blog design. Can you tell me what happened to the tatting forums?

  8. How fun to see you in the "chorus line" dear. Looks like you will have cooler temps soon. Continue your summer of fun...


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