Monday, July 29, 2013

A lace-lovin' day!

Mom, Joanne, and I had a great day today! Sophia took a nice long nap this morning, leaving us loads of time to visit. Of course I tatted while we chatted!

However, I guess I didn't get as much tatting done as I thought. I guess my hands stop when my mouth starts! Still, I feel good about the progress I did make.

When Sophia woke up from her nap, we went to daughter Carol's for lunch. We invited her to go to Hobby Lobby with us, but Carol refuses to be drawn to "the dark side," so we took off without her.

I'd be lying if I said that I needed more yarn or fabric. I did exhibit some self control... I only looked at tatting supplies!

Mom has been working on scarves for her sale this fall, and her new favorite pattern is this diagonal stitch scarf. I'm working with this light teal color. Mom is working on a green. The yarn is Baby Bee Sweet Delight, one I've never tried before. It's very soft and a joy to knit!

Joanne was inspired to take up some knitting. She took lessons when she was a little girl, so she quickly picked up on what to do when Mom sat down with her. Joanne's working on a simple garter stitch scarf for starters, but she's already dreaming of knitting sweaters for Sophia!


  1. I love those colors against the white doily. The butterflies look so festive and happy!

    I want to get back into my knitting, too. That diagonal stitch looks interesting.

  2. Still loving that edging!!! :) The scarf is very pretty!! :)

  3. Your edging is looking fabulous! How wonderful to get (almost!) the whole family involved in knitting.

  4. The edging is looking beautiful.
    Lovely knitting and beautiful colour.

  5. It's best to stop tatting when gabbing, so there is no more mistakes made to take out ha ha. Tatting is beautiful and looks to fit too. I do take knitting breaks not often but at times. this knitting look superior to mine just beautiful

  6. It's so wonderful to read about your family and all their talents! The photos from 'yesteryear' are amazing (love the one of your Grandmother), and your Mom is one special lady! What a joy to see her so active and enjoying her family! The sharing of needlework is a great bond! I chuckled that Carol doesn't want to come to the 'dark side'"! Your edging looks perfect, and the scarf pattern is so attractive! Makes me want to pick up my needles!

  7. Love the edging! You are so lucky to spend such fun times with your mom and daughters - it's great to see!


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