Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dealing with imperfection

Christmas may be over, but I'm not finished with snowflakes yet. I may have to tat snowflakes all year long! However, I need to get back into the tatting groove. I took a much needed week off from tatting. My wrists and elbows were really bothering me from working so hard on finishing my sister-in-law's doily. I think I must have tensed up with the deadline looming, because I really didn't tat for long periods of time each day. 

The day after Christmas, we headed off for Alabama to visit Mom. It was 50 degrees warmer in Alabama, and it was nice to have some down time. We drove down to the Gulf so that Carol could dip her toes in the water. Then we drove to Pensacola to visit Dad's gravesite. We had a wonderful lunch at Molly McGuire's, inspiring me to buy a cookbook so that I can make Senate Bean Soup, bread pudding, and maybe even boxty! We visited some of our favorite shops and even purchased a few things... surprise! Isn't retail therapy grand?

Anyway, back to snowflakes...

I was tempted to tat some more doodad snowflakes with different beads, but there were so many beautiful snowflakes tatted before Christmas, that I decided I should open up some of my snowflake pattern books and try something different!

This is Snowflake #1 from Snowflake Roses by Denise Munoz. I made multiple mistakes while tatting this snowflake, so I didn't finish it in one day as I had anticipated. Then, when I went to give it a shot of steam this morning, I noticed that two of my small rings have an extra picot and three ds. I guess I'll just have to tat this one again.

Still, it looks pretty on the tree!


  1. I have no doubt you will tat it again to get it perfect, but I had to look really hard to find those two rings. If you hadn't said anything I never would have noticed.

  2. Oh, don't beat yourself up. It looks fantastic to me. You should see some of my stuff - full of hiccups!!!
    Did you get an iPad for Christmas?!?!?!?

  3. It looks wonderful on the tree! No one in this world is looking for small mistakes. Your trip sounds interesting. Some of the food stuffs are completely beyond me!

  4. It's stunning! I love it! 50 degrees warmer sounds very nice right about now...

  5. Very beautiful - mistakes not noticeable at all and a very lovely design. Happy New Year!

  6. It's a beautiful snowflake - I did't notice the mistakes, and even after you mentioned it I didn't go looking. It looks great on the tree!
    Happy New Year!

  7. I'm amazed your wrists are functioning at all after finishing that magnificent doily! I' m thinking you flew down to Alabama? That would have been a really long car trip! I would have found it difficult to leave that great weather! You certainly had a busy holiday! The food is unfamiliar to me, too!

    And this snowflake looks just fine! I woukd never have spotted those 'errors'!

  8. Oh I like this one really cute, and I could have passed you on the HWY on my way to Texas. :)

  9. Your snowflake looks gorgeous to me!!! :)

  10. That is one beautiful snowflake, really beautiful, I have not seen this pattern before, ok you found a mistake but I can't see it and would not know if you had not pointed it out.
    Well done I am sure you will tat it again to get it perfect

  11. It is beautiful. Happy New Year!


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