Friday, January 24, 2014

Fancy Pants

I needed a way to encourage my third graders to improve their tatting. How could I do it? They were so excited to learn the double stitch. What could possibly be better than the double stitch? Then I remembered the title of Donna Edwards' book, Fancy Pants.

I told the kids that the next step after learning the double stitch was to learn "fancy pants." It worked! I now have kids telling me that they're still practicing the double stitch, and they'll let me know when they're ready for fancy pants. I have others who come to me eager to learn the secret of fancy pants. This is so much fun!

I love seeing the way kids learn. Some spend time learning from YouTube videos that they can view on my iPad.

Others sit in small groups and help each other, and there are some who want some one-on-one time with me.

They come to the library after lunch, and they work on their tatting after they've completed their library work for the day. Some of them even start tatting in the cafeteria as soon as they finish their lunch. Isn't it great?

Fox was kind enough to send some goodies for the kids to choose from when they achieve goals. I've told them that they may select one item from the goody box once they've tatted six inches of fancy pants.

Alexis was the first to reach the goal. Her tatting is beautiful! As you can see, she chose one of the motifs that Fox sent. Next week, Alexis will add picots to her chains, and she'll get to choose different thread colors. There are several girls who are close behind, so I expect to be opening the goody box again on Monday!


  1. This is just so exciting! You are obviously having a lot of fun with the kids - very rewarding! It will be marvellous if some of them actually continue on, once they have mastered the basics.

    I was tickled that my little motif was picked up by a budding tatter. : )) Thanks!

  2. Wow! This is fabulous! It's wonderful to see these young tatters getting the 'bug' ;) Way to go, Diane!

  3. Great going!!! Looks like lots of upcoming tatters!!! :)

  4. Such a fabulous project, I'm glad you're sharing it with us.

  5. This is wonderful, what a brilliant idea and giving them goals, Lovely to see them tatting. What great fun you are all having.

  6. How old are they? My children will try...

  7. Lilas, these students are 8 and 9 years old. They are having a wonderful time!

  8. Such fun! You now have lots of tatting friends close at hand with whom you will be able to celebrate International Tatting Day this year.
    Let the party begin! :)

  9. Oh thank you for sharing this, it really makes me happy! So many kids have lost skills that bring physical
    results before them, and that why the finish up lunch early you have given them something to look forward too! And so thoughtful of fox to reward them with something not full of calories, Way to go Fox!

  10. I'm smiling from ear to ear! You are a wonderful inspiration!


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