Monday, January 13, 2014

The poorest hostess of all

My deepest apologies to the tatting community, especially Tatskool. Feargal and Miss Scarlett are safe and sound, and have been resting in my sewing room since last April. As you can see, they have been helping Killian keep watch over my mess. I know you can't see the mess, but they can!

I am embarrassed beyond belief that I have been so inconsiderate. Until today, I have not acknowledged the receipt of these two little guests, and until this afternoon I had not really looked into the box. I am so very sorry for my poor manners. I promise that Feargal and Miss Scarlett will continue their journey tomorrow. However, I may let them visit with my third graders before they leave!

In other news, I am taking a break from tatting. Oh, I do slip in a ring and chain here and there, but I need to rest my left wrist and my right elbow. I think I just got too tense trying to get Doily 4 finished in time for Christmas. It certainly wasn't the amount of time I spent tatting, because I've always tried to tat for an hour or two each evening. I've been doing some stretching exercises, and they are helping tremendously, but I know if I get back into the groove too quickly, it will take a lot longer for everything to feel right!

I have 15 more tatting shuttles to decorate for my third graders. Only 8 more asked to be put on the list, but if I bling 15, every student will be able to participate. Who knows? Maybe their classroom teachers will want to learn as well!


  1. Please take care - probably a good time to bling shuttles and use the sewing machine!!!

    I made + gave away 8 bags to family members at holiday time.

    I have one more to make, but think I'll wait awhile. Want to catch up with the 25 Motif Challenge and Scarlet Letter Challenge.

  2. I don't think you are the poorest hostess it slipped your mind.
    I hope your elbow and hand get better soon, I know the feeling at the moment, life is not easy when a hand or arm does not work like it should.
    A few more new tatters, well done, hope to hear more as the time goes by,
    Take care and rest

  3. Those little guys are hard to catch they are naughty.
    What a nice Idea and good heart to teach third graders too!
    yea a break is fine but I don't see where you are actually taking one ha ha.

  4. Goodness no, you are not the poorest hostess. You have kept Fergal out of mischief! I am certain Miss Scarlet appreciated the break. (Imagine how exhausting it must be for her to maintain constant vigilance over rascally leps.)

    I do hope the third graders enjoy your guests as much as their tatting lesson!

    So sorry to have put you in a spotlight. I regret making your feel like a poor hostess and grovel at your feet in forgiveness!

    Please rest and heal so you can be back to rights as soon as possible.

  5. I love those little elves - how does one become graced with a visit? I bet the kiddos would enjoy a visit with them too!

    Hope you can get back to tatting soon! And with some new tatters ;)

  6. I sure hope your hand and elbow are better soon!
    Those mischievious elves likely put a memory spell on you...... ;-0

  7. No need to apologise, I am sure they have been having a ball when you weren't looking. We all need a break,but it is amazing how much good tatting does do for the hands.everything in moderation.hope the Leps love the kids.

  8. Diane Dear you are wise to take care of your tatting hands and arms. There is nothing worse than pain while "working" to enjoy. Rest and feel better very soon. Healing Energy to you my friend...


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