Monday, August 18, 2014

First day back

Today was the first day back for staff members. We spent the entire day training, which was really pretty good. Who knew an inservice day could be so interesting? Still, I'm not used to the pace, so I'm pretty beat tonight.

I have spent a little time working on my latest Spinning Wheel glass mat. I find this pattern to be so relaxing!

Denise called me tonight with a name suggestion for my new Ladybug... Mary, because Mary Konior is one of my favorite designers, and the Spinning Wheel is my favorite pattern. I think I will have to give Mary very strong consideration! Any other suggestions?

I finished two more bags after school. They only needed the straps, which go together fairly quickly. 

I'm off to bed soon. We have more meetings tomorrow, and then we get to see the kids on Wednesday. I love the beginning of the school year!


  1. Your glass mat is looking usual!!! :)
    Love those bags too!!! :)

  2. The glass mat is looking lovely, lovely bags too.
    Don't work too hard.

  3. I see the logic of Mary, but I think Ladybug is a pretty good name itself.

  4. Have fun with your new spinning wheel! There is an Irish spinning wheel song but I can't think of any different names for the wheel.

  5. If you're not used to the pace, I don't know how I would handle it! And teachers have so much more to do these days, but you seem to thrive in that atmosphere! You have not exactly been sitting still over the past fewer months and are one of the most active people I 'know'! Sure wish I had your energy!

    I have lost count of all your beautiful bags! I can't believe how quickly you weave them! Plus do the finishing work!

  6. New beginnings are exciting. Just think, a whole new class to tempt with tatting!
    spinning wheels, woven bags, and back-to-school all in one week--I'd be dizzy.

  7. How do I miss so many posts...the days have wings and fleet feet. You have been quite busy with tatting, blinging, weaving, spinning and learning iPad blogging...whew! Now with school beginning you will get into a routine and fit in everything you are so good at creating. A hand wind shuttle handle...Who Knew? Obviously you and Dave! School Bliss Dear...


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