Sunday, August 3, 2014


Do you ever feel the need to unplug? Don't get me wrong. I've learned so much from reading blogs and having the instant access to information that the Internet provides, but there are days when I look at my devices and long for a simpler time.

Since last Tuesday, I just haven't had the desire to spend much time on my computer. I'm sure I've missed out on a lot, but I also found time to recharge my personal batteries! I spent time tatting, weaving, reading, visiting family, and taking naps... good old summer time fun!

I'm continuing with motifs from Tatting by Myra Piper. This is motif No. 11. I really should switch to a solid color for these motifs, but this green thread is so pretty, I just keep tatting with it!

As you probably guessed I would, I've started a Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. I'm curious to see how much this ball of green thread will yield!

My bag production has slowed down, probably a result of so much time spent reading and napping! I love using this chenille yarn that Mom sent to me. The fabric is soft, and I can make each bag unique by including snippets from other projects.

This bag did not yield the contrast I was hoping for. I used a bulky acrylic and a very soft bamboo yarn. Both had the same color scheme, but the textures are very different. You can fell the difference when you touch the bag, but you can't see the clasped weft results very well.

My summer tatting kids had a great time last Wednesday. There were 12 kids... 10 girls and 2 boys. We really have had wonderful weather for outdoor tatting this summer! The rest of this post is pictures of the kids and their tatting. Enjoy!


  1. Good to enjoy Summer in the real world!!

  2. You are absolutely doing what Summer should be all about. Back when our lives weren't "ON 24/7"!! Love your tattings and woven bags. Those tatting students are amazing. How fun to be able to get together and keep the tatting skills going for them. Summer Sunshine Bliss...

  3. Yes I just took off from all of that and it does feel good, some times I get the feeling I walked into a giant toy store(with all the blogs)and then get overwhelmed.

  4. I too enjoy a bit of "unplugged time" every once in a while - does you good! I'm unplugged quite a bit at the moment but just having a little check this evening… :-)

  5. I have not been on much over the last two weeks, but for me I just did not feel like joining in.
    I like your green thread, looks very pretty on your motifs
    How lovely fir the kids to sit in your garden tatting

  6. Those young tatters are having a great summer, I bet! Yes, sometimes it's good to be unplugged--I just had a week away without internet---peaceful, and a nice change, though i did miss reading what everyone was doing.
    Love your woven bags!

  7. I've been feeling the need for a disconnect too and got one without my permission. My computer died, then I forgot my cell phone and was out of town for the day. It was nice to read and tat without interruption, but I felt like something was missing. I still enjoyed the time.
    Great motif and another glass mat to treasure! :)
    Love the bags!! :)
    Looks like so much fun with the kids!! :)


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