Monday, August 25, 2014

The Minimalist

That's what I'm thinking of calling myself! The start of school has really worn me out, and I have accomplished very little in the creativity department in the past week. So little in fact, that I have nothing worth photographing. Two rings and one chain would make a very boring picture!

We're busy aligning all of our curriculum to the Common Core standards, and we're building our curriculum online... very time consuming, and very taxing on this old brain! Additionally, we have a new copier/printer system, which has not worked well for me. Every time I send a print job, the error light goes on, and my print job disappears. To top it off, our school has a new web site, and I'm having to re-think the way I have students complete their computer lessons. I'm not complaining, really... I just don't seem to adapt as well as I used to!

Luckily, Labor Day weekend is coming up, and if I don't get time to be creative during the week, I'm sure going to find time this weekend!


  1. Lots of new stuff to learn. No wonder it's a bit taxing. It'll come together, I'm sure. It's rather exciting learning new ways to do things, but sometimes there's too much at once.
    Hope you have a good, relaxing weekend.

  2. Good thing you did so much weaving and tatting when you had the chance.No harm in concentrating on something else for a while! Printers are tricky things at the best of times, seem to have minds of their own. Good luck with all the learning!

  3. Sounds like you are on a learning curve, so no wonder you are worn out to tat,
    Don't over do it and take care, it will all fall into place by next June

  4. Sounds like way too many technical nuances to learn and cope with all at the busiest time of school beginning. Where were these changes over the summer so adapting and learning could be smoother? Best of luck dear and be certain to take time just for you too.


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