Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Spinning Wheel progress

It's time to get back in to my school routine, so yesterday I went in and set up the library for the new school year. Today I'll get some computer work done so that I don't feel overwhelmed once we get started on the 18th. I do enjoy getting ready for the new school year, but spending time at school makes me realize how much tatting, weaving, and reading time I'll be losing!

Every time I start a new Spinning Wheel glass mat (Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior), I feel like I am spending time with an old friend!

I think I've had enough of this green Omega thread. It's nice to work with, but I have so many threads to try, I think it's time to move on! I'm willing to share, so if you'd like to try this size 20 Omega, email your address to me, and I'll send off a 10 yd. sample. I'll share until I run out.

I thought I'd lost my weaving rhythm last night until I realized that Dave only spent 45 minutes mowing. I really thought I'd lost my touch! I'm nearing the end of my warp. I'm looking forward to counting my bags to see how many one warp yields!


  1. Oh my, your new bag almost has an Joel's face.
    I've never tried Omega thread (but I don're get to tat as much as I used to.

  2. Can't believe you are setting up already! Yet you are still creating! I love all your bags! PS. I am testing my new phone. You may get this message twice!

  3. I´ve always admired the colors you use and that Spinning Wheel is just beautiful!

    (Btw I tried tatting this summer.. umm, perhaps it´s not for me (I just don´t seem to have the patience lol), but it sure made me respect even more those who have!)

    Wish you a great new school year! :)

  4. Back to School comes so quickly. I remember it used to begin just after Labor Day. Spinning wheel is lovely. I think you will be surprised at how many bags you have woven. Creative Bliss Everyday...

  5. Here, school doesn't resume until September, but then it didn't finish until the end of June for grade school. Love your spinning wheel mat. That's a pattern I have yet to try, but it looks great in the green thread. Love the new bag!


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