Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lucky 7!

It's true! I've managed to finish 7 pattern repeats of rounds 10 and 11 on my Jan Stawasz Masterpiece. It looks like this is the last time I'll be taking a picture on the ironing board, and that's okay. I'm getting close to where I had to snip, and that makes me very happy!

I'm hoping today is the last day I need to go in to set up for school. We have four new teachers in the elementary building, so I've had to change the little file cards for my library card basket. I measured incorrectly yesterday, so I need to do them over again today. I should have remembered my mom's advice: measure twice, cut once. Luckily, everything is saved on the computer, so it's just a matter of reprinting, measuring, and cutting... correctly!

I have new shelf signs made for the high school/middle school library. I'll get those put up today and enter the new students into the electronic circulation system.

I'm hoping to get my new class schedule today. I'd really like to have my first two weeks of lesson plans written down before we start on Monday. I saw a couple of the kids playing outside the school yesterday. They both came up to me with big smiles on their faces and we talked about our summer activities. I have to treasure these moments. This is my last year of making memories as a teacher!


  1. You have kids on Monday? Wow, we have workshops starting Tuesday then kids the next week. I love your positive attitude about everything, especially school. So many people who are close to retirement are counting days, etc, I find it so gloomy.
    The JS is absolutely gorgeous but I'll be happy to see it on a different background, the ironing board cover is too light for me. I'm ready to see the whole thing!

  2. Your JS mat is looking beautiful, I hope you find somewhere nice to photo it now you are. Not using the ironing board.
    Will you be doing tatting lessons this year with the kids?
    Hope you get all the jobs done before Monday"

  3. I bet there are many children who will think of you as teacher for a long time to come! Good progress on the JS, hooray.

  4. The doily is great and treasured moments with the students is wonderful and sad. This is last school year for me and my son is graduating this year and is my last child. My late baby put off the empty nest thing and now I got to face it :)

  5. It's amazing to see the doily 'already' at that point again. You really have moved along rather quickly!

    I'm getting all nostalgic already, for you this year! It's going to be an emotional one!

    It still doesn't seem possible that our school will be ready by Aug. 27! There is no way anyone can set up in there, at least not yet! Although I don't have children, it is always fun to watch the kids coming and going from school. We've lived in this neighborhood for 42 years (!) and therefore a couple of generations have passed by!

  6. Your doily is getting so large! Is it now a centerpiece? Or small table cloth?? It's amazing that school is starting already. My grandsons will both be in first grade this year - that's even harder to believe!


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