Tuesday, August 11, 2015

International mail day

After spending the morning at school yesterday, I was ready for some tatting time in the afternoon. My tatting time was interrupted because of some wonderful packages in the mail!

I've been eagerly awaiting this clear Clover tatting shuttle from Japan. They cost a bit more than the other Clover shuttles, but I don't mind. I really like this shuttle! I wonder if the clear plastic will ever become more readily available? I guess time will tell!

I find it very hard to resist when new Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles become available in Jane's shop across the pond in England! And yes, I can and do sew, but why should I? Jane makes such lovely bags, and I get to brag that I have something made by one of my tatting mentors!

Veronica's lovely shuttles came all the way from Russia! I just can't help myself... I love collecting and using shuttles!

Despite all the excitement of receiving goodies in the mail today, I did manage to finish another pattern repeat of rows 10 and 11 of my Jan Stawasz Masterpiece. I'm headed off to do some more work at school today, but I am hoping to stay on track and complete another repeat today!


  1. What a great collection of shuttles !
    I love all things transparent :-)

  2. I bet there was a ton of excitement when all those shuttles were opened!!! :)
    Still love that doily!!! :)

  3. I find the transparent bits of my sewing machine really a good thing. I think a clear shuttle would be great too. Wow, your shuttles do come from around the world!

  4. Wow post from all around the world in one delivery, lovely shuttles well done on managing to get such a wonderful group.
    The mat is looking lovely

  5. I love getting tatting goodies in the mail! Those new shuttles from Russia look wonderful, I hope they tat as good as they look. Glad you are still making progress on the doily.


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