Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just an hour

I only had an hour to tat today. Isn't it funny how work can get in the way of our favorite activities?

I had another wonderful international mail day, starting with this beautiful coaster made by Wendy at Umi & Tsuru. I was a very lucky winner in a drawing she held recently. Thank you, Wendy!

More lovely shuttles arrived from Qtat in Hungary. They are so light weight!

These beauties are from Veronica in Russia. This is the fastest I've ever received a shipment from Russia... 15 days!

So, even though I only had an hour to tat, it was a wonderful tatting day!


  1. Great shuttles and pretty present. : )

  2. Wow!!! Everything looks wonderful!!!! :)

  3. Can't believe you're school year has now started! And yet you had time to tat for an hour, and do this post!

    It was 90 degrees here in Pgh, and our local school is still 'finishing up' construction - at least the windows and brickwork seem to be finished! But not ready to be occupied. Parking lot's still a mess and lots of const. workers there every day. No Trespassing signs are up! School starts the 25th!

    At first I thought I didn't have your most current post up, as I thought I saw the shuttles before - but they're freshly arrived, again from Hungary and Russia! Amazing! What a collection you have! And fast delivery!

    Wendy's work is so exquisite. I have one of her hair clips, and it has tiny beads on very fine thread. Amazing. Congrats on your win!

    1. Oops - I meant 'your' school year! I had edited the sentence which I had started "Can't believe you're back in school" and forgot to change it! :-)

  4. More pretty shuttles from more countries! Those hours add up.

  5. Looks like a happy hour well spent! Wendy's tatting is lovely and each of those shuttles is so different and interesting.

  6. ... green with shuttle envy!!! Beautiful additions to your collection. Beautiful tatting by Wendy! Enjoy the day - tornado activity along the NW suburbs --- gesh.


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