Monday, August 3, 2015

Super size bobbin shuttle update

I thought you might be interested in seeing the original post for my beautiful super size bobbin shuttle...

Grizzly Mountain Arts

The post shows that Dave carved the bobbins specifically for this shuttle, making it even more special. I'm so glad I won that auction!


  1. Great post Diane there really is a shuttle for every purpose in tatting, and I can see where this would be great for bobbin shuttle people that work larger threads and JS patterns!

  2. Wow (I keep saying that!) - so glad you found this, going back to 2009! Great photos and description! Biggest surprise was that he actually made the PLASTIC bobbins!!!

    Now that more of us are aware of his ability to make custom bobbins, he may be surprised at the interest of many tatters in wanting custom made 'larger' bobbin shuttles - about the size of the Stawasz post shuttles.
    This is pretty exciting! Thanks again, Diane!!!


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