Sunday, March 6, 2016

Minor repair

As often happens, I found a mistake in the previous row while tatting in green. Luckily, it was a simple mistake, a missing section of chain. So, I snipped out the mistake, tatted the correct length of chain, and returned to the final round.

I wouldn't have had the confidence to do that a few years ago. In fact, I probably wouldn't have thought of it! I know I would have snipped off the entire round and started over. I'm so glad I've learned to look at mistakes in a different way. I credit that to all the wonderful bloggers who share their tips and techniques. Thank you all!

I had enough thread left on my shuttles to tat another Emmy Liebert motif. I'm really enjoying this little pattern!


  1. This doily is beginning to look quite large, looking good so far,
    Lovely motif thanks for sharing the pattern which I got yesterday

  2. Your doily is coming along wonderfully!!! :)
    Another neat motif!! :)

  3. Looking great, ah mistakes are part of the course, annoying but once the problem has been sorted you just have to move on and enjoy again!

  4. I'm all for spot treatments ! Efficient & quick way of resolving a potential crisis :-)
    Beautiful tatting !


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