Monday, March 21, 2016

Slow tatting

I didn't have much time to tat today. Daughter Joanne is visiting with the twins and Sophia. Daughter Alison is feeling under the weather, so Eva and Aidan are staying with me for a couple of days so that she can get some rest. With a house full of children, I've been a little busy today!

Still, I did manage to get a little done, and that makes me happy!


  1. Wow!!! I bet your house has some noise to it!!
    Have fun with the kids!!! At least you are trying to continue!! :)

  2. Sue is right! Oh, the noise! : )) Have fun.

  3. I am sure you enjoy having the kids, I hope you get this spinning wheel finished

  4. I'm sure the children enjoy getting to be together as well, and I know you treasure the time you get to spend with them. They grow up so fast. The tatting will be there waiting for you when they go to bed if you have any energy left. :)


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