Monday, March 28, 2016

Round 3 finished!

I love the Gold!

I think this is going to be gorgeous with the next round in Charcoal.

We had another busy day, the last day of my spring break. Joanne and the babies will be spending a few days at my sister-in-law's house.

I'm going to miss seeing these two little cuties rolling around on the floor, and I will miss big sister Sophia giving me morning snuggles. It will only be for a few days, though. I'll have them back home on Friday!


  1. I agree the gold is a great addition. Excited to see the final results. And what lovely babies!

  2. Your doily is looking wonderful!! :)
    And those babies are adorable!!! :)

  3. Had to send my baby back to college today and last day of spring break, boo hoo. That doily is gorgeous!!!

  4. Beautiful doily and such cute babies too.

  5. Gorgeous as the doily is, none can be cuter & more adorable than the little babies :-)

  6. Adorable babies! Glad they will revisit on Friday. And, your tatting is awesome!

  7. Beautiful babies! and doily too.
    I just read on Jane's blog that you are attending Tat Days this year. That is wonderful. I can't wait to meet you in person.


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