Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A tiny bit of tatting time

With all the company, I've been finding it hard to get much tatting done. However, I did manage to get a tiny bit done on my latest Spinning Wheel glass mat!


  1. I'm amazed how much tatting time you put in with family visiting!

    1. I'm an early riser, so I can usually manage at least a half hour by myself before anyone else is up. It's amazing what can be accomplished in short bits of time!

  2. I've been wondering, considering the number of glass mats you've tatted, do you make any mistakes ? Sometimes one gets overconfident and there's the slip. Or an ennui moment may slip in, resulting in an error.
    Does it happen to you?

  3. Another glass mat beauty. What have you done with all the ones you've made? That must be a large number.

  4. I've been away so I have missed a few of your posts, another spinning wheel going to look great


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