Thursday, March 3, 2016

Motif tatting

My friend Michelle put out a request for motifs for her tatting students, something I just couldn't resist!

I've been wanting to tat this Emmy Liebert design from Georgia Seitz's Online Tatting Class. I think it's perfect for showing possibilities to Michelle's young tatters!

If you look at the two carefully, you will see that there is a design element change in the violet motif. I followed the wrong part of the pattern for the three bottom chains! I still think it looks nice. It just isn't Emmy's design. My goal is to finish the five motifs over the weekend and mail them off on Monday. I think that's do-able!


  1. They are beautiful and the girls will love them!

  2. I'm sure the girls will love them, they look great. Even with the slight modification :-)

  3. I am sure the girls will love them
    Loveky design and pattern

  4. I'm sure the girls will love them. Will you make each one slightly different?


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