Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've really been distracted for over a week. That must be the answer! I just can't seem to follow patterns! I've made more mistakes in the past week than I ever would have thought possible! As a result, I have no completed tatted pieces. So, tonight I decided to weave. On the left is the Fancy Weave pattern, and on the right is the Basket Weave pattern from the Square Deal Weave-Along. I hope I did these right!


  1. Sorry it has been a distracting week for you. Hopefully as the weekend nears you can find your solace.

  2. Your weaving looks lovely!
    I don't see any mistakes.
    Oh, and if you do happen to make a mistake in weaving, all you have to do is keep on repeating it - and you've invented a new pattern :-)

  3. Hi Triple L! I love your weaving. Your squares show up the pattern much better than mine do. Did you mention what yarn you are using for them? Is it worsted weight?


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