Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reading is fundamental!

So, I was reading Sharon's blog about adding a link. Sherry Pence had already e-mailed me excellent instructions, so I was really reading to get a different perspective. I was amazed to see that Sharon had all sorts of cute little icons above her text pane. I followed her directions... still no icons!

When I opened up my Blogger account this morning, I found a cute little link to Macintosh... I'm a Mac user at home, Dell at school. Guess what? Safari (the browser suggested by Apple) isn't fully compatible with Blogger... therefore, no icons!

Next step... download Firefox. Ta da! I have icons! And now, when I spell check, my spelling actually gets checked... no error message! I don't have as many icons as Sharon, but I'll take anything at this point! I sure wish all these computer applications would play nicely together... it sure would make life easier... or at least computing!


  1. I use Firefox on my Mac and I don't get all the icons that Sharon gets either, only get 7 of them.

  2. It's frustrating to get only 7 icons, but that's better than the 2 I was able to get with Safari!

  3. Hi Triple L,

    What icons? I don't see no stinking icons! Oh, you mean on the posts page. I was looking for cute icons on your blog. Guess I'm going to have to learn to read at this advanced age.

    I use FireFox too and get seven icons. What capabilities does Sharon have that we Mac users don't? Besides being able to tat better than most everyone else in the known world?


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