Thursday, October 4, 2007

Windowpane Lace

A week or so ago, Sherry asked me if I had any plans for the motifs I've been working on... and I had no plan! This morning I woke up and thought, why not sew the motifs onto the 4" squares made on my Weavette loom? I joined the Square Deal Weave-Along, which started yesterday. I had already decided to make 3 of each square (one blanket for each of the grandchildren). I like the tatted motif on the plain weave square on the left, but the motif on the right seems lost in the Windowpane Lace. Maybe I should just try different colored thread for the tatting... I have plenty to choose from!

I could abandon the blanket idea and join squares to make cute little bags... plain weave squares with tatting motifs attached on one side, patterned square on the other side. I'm starting to get the hang of making the cording for Romanian Point Lace... I could use that for the strap... just like Teri Dusenbury! Have you seen her bags and hats? They're wonderful!


  1. I like the motif on the weavette loom lace idea. I agree you'll have to change the thread color, but it looks great. I'm afraid you are going to get me hooked into another medium!

  2. Girlfriend,
    I love these weaved squares! Another perfect medium to show off a tatted motif. I, also, saw the swing purse and think you should! So glad that you have gotten the cording technique down and I can't wait to see your versions. Great SCAN!

  3. These are awesome. I can totally see them used for a tote bag.
    Well done!

    A white motif might look on the window pain version.

  4. Why not alternate plain and lace squares, with the tatting on the plain ones? A bonus to that arrangement is that it really "hides" the seams.

  5. Allright Diane. You've done it! Where can i find the looms? I've found several sites by googling weavette looms, but can't find the looms!

  6. Laura,

    I found my looms at:

    I don't think you can order them online from this lady. I know I made a phone call and had the looms within a week. They're also available directly from Buxton Brook Looms.

  7. Beautiful squares! I like your idea for attaching tatted motifs, but am wondering what kind of thread you will use to sew them on? White motifs would definitely stand out more and I think you are right about the motifs being more effective on the plain woven squares.


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