Thursday, March 27, 2008

High tea

Yesterday my sister Janet treated us to high tea at the Drake in Chicago. We had a wonderful time! Clockwise from the lower left: granddaughter Eva, daughter Carol, niece Dierdre, sister Janet, moi, Mom, daughter Alison. Missing are my daughters Andrea and Joanne and granddaughter Lily (Andrea's daughter) who live in Minnesota, sister Lisa who is in Italy, and niece Phoebe who lives in Washington D.C.

Sorry... no boys allowed!

I was too tired to tat when I got home, but I did manage 2 rings separated by a chain today. Maybe I'll be able to tat a little more later on.


  1. Oooo that looks like fun! I wish there were Tea Places around here!

  2. What a special occasion! I've never had "tea" before. What a wonderful memory for the little one :)

  3. It looks like ever so much fun and very fancy! I know this is something all of you will remember for a long time. I'm sorry for the ones who could not be there!

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