Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Teaching Mom to tat

Mom and I have been having a wonderful visit, but the best part has been that Mom has been learning how to tat! I finally found something I could teach my mom!

We started by watching Bev Dillon's Tatted Lace From Start to Finishing, and Mom was hooked! However, Mom was having trouble getting the flip, so we switched to Mildred Clark's Tatting I - The Basics. As we were watching, I realized that this is the video I learned from. I like Mildred's method, because she has you use two different colors, which helps you see how the double knot is formed. Mom and I went shopping for size 3 crochet thread, loaded up a Tatsy shuttle, and then Mom was able to easily see how it all worked.

I called the Yarn Barn in Kansas to see if Mildred's video is available on DVD, and it is! So, Mom and I each ordered it. I watch it every once in a while to try and perfect my technique. I love having videos as reference tools, probably because I learn more easily when I watch than when I read!

I went to the doctor yesterday, and I have graduated to only wearing the brace when I go out. I begin physical therapy next week (3 times a week for 4 weeks). Yes, I tatted with size 3 thread and a Tatsy, along with Mom, but she lasted much longer than I did! My wrist let me know it had had enough after two chains and two rings. That's o.k. Today I'll shoot for 3 rings and 3 chains! Pictures are courtesy of daughter Carol, who refuses to be drawn to "the dark side"!

It looks like it's going to be a blustery day here, so Mom and I will spend the day talking and tatting... life is good!


  1. How special to be able to share your hobby with your mom. I tried teaching my Mom to tat, but due to her arthritis/fibromyalgia she cannot flip the thread.
    Have fun!

  2. This is so wonderful! I am excited for you and your mom! Tell her I say "hello".
    Keep working on Carol...perhaps she won't be able to resist any longer once she sees how much fun you are both having!

  3. It is good to see you and your mom together and having such a good time. How wonderful that you were able to teach her to tat. Have lots of fun. Congratulations on the progress with your arm. You have done such a wonderful job of recovering. You'll get Carol yet!

  4. It's so wonderful that you and your Mom can do this together! I wish my Mom lived closer to us. Congratulations on being able to get back to some semblance of normalcy with your arm!

  5. Carol: "Give in to the Dark Side!"

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. That is so cool that you are teaching your mom to tat. Please make sure you show us your mom's progress.

  6. Your arm is progressing - soon you'll be up to 20 rings and chains!
    Great that you are teaching your mom and that she is willing to be taught by her daughter - wonderful!

  7. You have a very nice tatting blog, I enjoyed looking around. In particular I loved reading about teaching your mother to tat, that is so great. I wish you a good recovery with the wrist, tatting is a great way to recover, as long as we remember not to overdo it.

  8. wonderful ! good for her :)))


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