Saturday, May 24, 2008

Another tatted bookmark!

I really should finish the laundry and do some dusting, but I just had to tat another bookmark today. This one is similar to the one I made for Mom. It's Yarnplayer's "Golden Glow", size 20.

Two down, two to go!


  1. Oh, yes, but why do the dusting and laundry when tatting is so much more fun and when you finish your dusting and laundry no one comes onto your blog and posts comments and says "OH, DIANE!! that dusted coffee table is EXQUISITE!" nor do they say, "Oh, I adore the way you folded those clean towels and those socks so nice and clean it's amazing" BUT NOW TATTING ON THE OTHER get that done and post it on your blog and everyone is beating down your door to tell you how wonderful it is and beautiful and do you know why they do that? Because it is beautiful and you did such a nice job and now you have another gift to give someon from work. And do you know why else they say those things Diane? They say them because the longer they stay on the internet oggling tatting and making comments, the less dusting and laundry seem to be nagging at them. How do I know this?.....GUILTY!!!
    It really does look nice and you really did do a good job. You're awesome. :)

  2. oooh I like the way the purple tie dye tats up! Neato!
    These are perfect gifts and the receivers will always remember you every time they use them!

  3. I love the bookmarks and the HDT makes them that much more special. I find them a lot of fun to do as they tat up fairly quickly and people are always happy to receive them as gifts.


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