Monday, May 26, 2008

Tatting promises...

I promised to post a picture of my bookmarks with the book, threads, and shuttles. It's kind of hard to see the detail, so I took close-up pictures too.

Purple Lime Tie Dye from LadyShuttleMaker, Clover tatting shuttle

Golden Glow from Yarnplayer, Peter Cua buffalo horn shuttle

Tie Dye Blue from LadyShuttlemaker, ceramic shuttle from LadyShuttlemaker (I think this is my favorite ceramic tatting shuttle!)

Jimi Hendrix from LadyShuttleMaker, ceramic shuttle from LadyShuttleMaker (Note the Clover shuttle already wound and ready for another bookmark!)

P.S. - I'm counting these bookmarks as my personal challenge no. 4!


  1. Wow, you are a tatting machine. I like how you displayed them all. I wish I could find one of those cute little flower floss holders around here. That is cute.

  2. The bookmarks are so cute, Diane! Everyone's going to love them. And those yarn daisies are the best thing ever. I've yet to find them in the store, thank goodness for the internet!

  3. Oh the bookmarks are so pretty, all of them. And I do agree that it is such a nice design.
    Those flowers wound with thread are just awesome, I have never seen them here though.

  4. They're called Yarn Daisy yarn winders, and I love them! I only have 6, so I'm more apt to use up what I have rather than just start using new thread.

  5. All of the brightly colored flowers give the montage of photos a very grooovey feel! LOL Very beautiful bookmarks!

  6. I'll just sum up what everyone else has already said;

    "You are a groovy tatting machine!"


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