Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Learning from my mistakes...

I admit it. The fact that I had a less than perfect bookmark to give away was weighing on my mind, so I tatted another. The top one is one ring short. There should be seven rings on each side. As my mom would say, a blind man on a galloping horse would never know the difference! However, I know! The up side to this experience is that I now have a Jimi Hendrix bookmark for me!

I think the end of the school year has taken its toll on my brain. I started Stella Alpina over again, because I realized I made a huge mistake! If you look near the quarter on the doily on the right side, you'll see a beautiful line of clovers. Too bad that's not the way they're supposed to look! Now look at the doily on the left side. Note that the two clovers on top are NOT joined. Ahh! There lies the rub! See the next set of clovers? Notice how beautifully they are joined. That's how the top two are supposed to look. Guess when I noticed the mistake? As I was placing the pieces on the scanner! I think I'll start Stella Alpina over in a different colored thread... this one must be jinxed!


  1. Your Jimi Hendrix bookmark is beautiful!, both the original and the new one. And I can tell you that I can relate to your Stella Alpina problems!!!! You can do it though, Diane, keep up the beautiful work!

  2. Diane, I'm with Grizzly Mountain Arts...they all look beautiful, yet I know how you feel about doing it "right". If it's bugging you to death sometimes it helps to start over, sometimes I leave it be if I can get away with it or I will drive myself crazy with perfectionism...LOL

  3. Want an even bigger learning curve? Cut out the mistake and FIX IT. You can do it. It just takes time and patience. The use of HDT with their shorter colour repeats makes it a little harder, but certainly less time consuming than doing the whole thing all over again. Your bookmarks are all gorgeous and I'm sure the recipients will love them.


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