Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Iris by Iris Niebach

Zarina has asked me to review Iris Niebach's books, and I am happy to share my opinion of each with you. Actually, I'm flattered that I've been asked! I'll post each review separately so that my blog entries aren't terrifically long. The librarian in me says, "Review them in alphabetical order by title." So, that's how I'll do this. Unfortunately, my copy of Iris's newest book hasn't arrived yet (maybe today), so alphabetical order will be a little off!

First, let me tell you that I am terribly biased when it comes to Iris's designs. I mean no offense to any other designers... Iris is my favorite! I look at her books over and over again. For me, Iris's designs are like my favorite novels... I never grow tired of reading her patterns. I am fascinated by the "character" of each design. I understand more each time I go through one of her patterns. There are details that leave me awe-struck! Some day I hope that I will have a complete collection of all of Iris's patterns tatted by me (a little redundant, but I'm sure you'll forgive me). The designs are not hard to follow, but they do take concentration... at least for me! I am currently working on my third doily by Iris. I found that I forgot an important join (I've done that with every piece I've ever tatted... you'd think I'd learn from my mistakes!), so I've been retro-tatting for about a week (I am very slow and careful). Is it worth it? Yes! As I carefully pick out each of my mistakes, I learn more about designing, and I'm learning to be patient! Thank you, Iris, for sharing your genius with all of us!

Iris is a beautiful little book with wonderful explanations and illustrations. The first pattern is a detailed illustration of the design element that makes up the Iris doily motif, which is a square. Iris then takes you through the steps to create a triangle, using the motif design. Following the idea of variations on a theme, Iris next presents the edging, which can border the doily or can be used as an edging on its own. A beautiful butterfly design is next, then an explanation of striped block tatting.

I highly recommend all of Iris's books!


  1. I'm so glad you're reviewing these! Iris is my favorite designer as well. I think it's because of the way most of her designs can be tatted without breaking the thread. It would be nice to be able to get your brain around that concept of designing, would it not?

  2. I have this book! I agree that it is beautiful. All the books by Iris look like they are awe-inspiring. So far I just have the one, but I'm awaiting shipment of her latest, "Just for Fun".


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