Friday, February 27, 2009

Yesterday was my lucky day!

I received a package of goodies from Gina! I was the winner of her January drawing, and I feel like the luckiest tatter in the world! I have a lovely little tatting pouch filled with tatted butterflies and dragonflies, a card holder (expect to see me with these on Lace Day, Gina!), a beautiful bookmark (every librarian needs at least one), dark chocolate (my favorite), samples of threads and amazing tape, findings, a Classy Glass bell to decorate, a lovely little note book and note pad, bangles, beads, a locket frame, and a lovely letter from Gina. Now I just want to stay home and play!

I'll post pictures of all my tatted goodies from Gina separately so that you can get a close look. Thank you Gina!

P.S. - I've been trying to post on a regular basis, but my Internet access has been spotty. I experienced the same kinds of problems last year... I think the weather is interfering with my dish. I'm still here and tatting!


  1. Lucky, lucky YOU! Those are some nice goodies. I look forward to seeing your goodies up close in the photos you've mentioned you'll post later! :)

  2. Hi Diane - Thanks for visiting my blog today! I figured I'd hear from you - although I didn't think it would be so soon! I'm only too aware of your broken wrist! I winced when I first saw your cast and was stunned to read you had to have an operation and a hospital stay. (I didn't have a Google account until I started my blog, so I couldnt comment back then!) I followed your recovery and was delighted that you recovered so well and pretty quickly got back into the tatting groove - while having a full time job! Also, I was amused at your comment awhile back about my winter wedding, and how your mother had had visions of one for you! My preference for gowns now would be burgundy velvet rather than the red satin - but actually I'd rather have the ceremony in a warm climate under a palm tree!!) Congrats on your win from Sherry!

  3. What fun! I look forwad to seeing the pictures of all your goodies. Enjoy!

  4. What a wonderful surprise. I'd want to stay home and play as well. Have fun!

  5. Oh what a treat you got in the mail. So many lovely and useful items for a tatter. And how kind of Gina to send all that stuff. Enjoy it all, please.

  6. Hi Diane,

    Lucky you and congratulations! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog...really appreciated.


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