Sunday, February 1, 2009

Daffodil Doily

My goodness, it's been a long time since I've posted! I've been focused on tatting Daffodil Doily from Learn to Tat by Janette Baker. Isn't it pretty? It's in Altin Basak size 50, color #3004, and measures about 6" across. Hmmm... maybe I should have used a yellow and white combination so that it really looked like a daffodil!

Here it is in its new home, enhancing some of LadyShuttleMaker's beautiful ceramic shuttles!

I really do like this book and DVD. However, there are some notes that need to be made to this particular pattern, unless I've totally misread the pattern, which is completely possible!

First, I found the notation for joining a little confusing. One of the lines of the pattern reads:
R3 - 3 + 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 + (to 4th picot of PR).

I think it would make more sense if it read:
R3 - 3 + (to 4th picot of PR) 3 - 3 - 3 -3.

Second, in round 3, the chain directions are missing one picot and 4 ds to match the picture and diagram. In other words, the picture and diagram show 5 picots, but the directions only have 4.

Third, I could not make the doily edging (round 4) come out correctly. When I followed the written directions, I did not have enough room to complete the pattern. So, I cut off round 4 and started over again, deleting ring A. I could not find ring A in either the picture or the diagram. When I was hiding my ends, I realized that I had room for one ring A. If you look at the top of the picture, you can see a slight gap which is large enough for ring A. I left it as it is, although I could have added ring A at the end.

I hope that Janette Baker does not take offense if she ever finds my blog and reads my notes. As I said, I could be totally wrong, but since I've been saying how much I like this book and DVD, I felt an obligation to share what I have learned.

Has anyone else tried this doily? If so, did you reach the same conclusions I did? Please let me know!

P.S. - This is #7 for the 25 Motif Challenge!


  1. Pretty doily ...maybe you cold say it morphed into a zinnia to explain the color? LOL!

    You could contact the designer and let her know what you found. The best proofing sometimes misses problems. She may have a "correction sheet" to send you. It's impossible to know who bought the book so the only way she knows where to send those changes is if you contact her. I agree that the join should be shown as you did. Otherwise it's confusing - as if you should also join at the end of the ring somehow. I've seen this book at Hobby Lobby and have considered getting it with a coupon but keep finding other stuff I want instead!

  2. What a beautiful doily! It's the perfect background for Sherry's gorgeous shuttles :)

  3. Your doily looks lovely! I'd like to get that book because I understand it has a DVD with it. Have you watched the DVD. Do you think it would help a beginner. I just want to know because I'd like to have something a little more appealing to recommend to beginners for learning. The price on this book is fabulous, too!

  4. The "zinnia" doily is beautiful. LOL I don't see where anything is missing. I agree with Gina that you should contact with your findings. I would want to know if I had written the pattern. The doily does look beautiful under
    Sherry's shuttles.

  5. Daffodil is only a name!!! Wish I could think of names for my stuff. VERY pretty in that thread too. I always welcome people who find my mistakes so do try and contact the designer. I blame my mistakes on # 3 going missing!!!

  6. Oooh, pretty. LOvely little doily and I really like the colors!

  7. The doilie is amazing! You did a beautiful job!

  8. Hi Diane!

    I am a brand new tatter who also bought this book and quickly became stumped by the pattern for this doily. I figured out the ring confusion in the first round, but as the pattern reads, it leaves out the 7th and final chain... I was going to continue as it seems there should be a last one, but I am unsure as to where the last chain will connect. Will it become clear as I get to the end of the round?

    I also see that 2nd round begins with a ring. Do I just reverse work and begin the 2nd round or do I clip the working thread and start again?

    I hope these questions make sense! I'm still learning the lingo! :) Thank you so much for your time and happy tatting!


    1. Hi Kara!

      Either I've put my copy of the book someplace really safe, or I've lent it to someone. In any case, I can't look at the pattern right now, so I'm working on memory!

      As I recall, the pattern was very easy to follow until the last round, where an adjustment needs to be made. So, yes, what you need to do should become clear as you finish the round. If it makes sense to finish with the final chain, do it!

      Since this is a doily in the round, you will either need to cut, tie, and hide the ends at the end of each round, or you can learn how to make split rings and split chains so that you can climb out of the round to start the next round.

      I haven't taken the time to perfect split rings and split chains, so I usually take the lazy way and cut, tie, and hide. When I retire next year, I may decide to use my brain power to figure out how to incorporate split rings and split chains so that I can keep tatting!

      I hope this helps.


    2. So glad to find this information, I was stumped too! Thought it was me that was possibly missing the obvious. Sooo, instead I ended the first round with the chain ending and tying off and worked every other round with - 1st med.brown and changed to a beige. If I could attach a picture of mine, I would. I don't know where to find the errata made for this doily. Thanks every one!

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  11. I am a new tatter and this book was recommended... I had done a lot of little projects, so decided to try the doily.... omg... I found many mistakes.. glad to find your blog. I also have a mentor that confirmed the pattern had errors. thanks for your help..

  12. I am a new tatter and this book was recommended... I had done a lot of little projects, so decided to try the doily.... omg... I found many mistakes.. glad to find your blog. I also have a mentor that confirmed the pattern had errors. thanks for your help..

  13. I know this is an old post, but I am also trying to do this doily and the pattern has many mistakes. Has anyone found any contact information for Janette? I have an idea of what corrections should be made, but I would like the actual correct pattern just to be sure. In my version of the book RND 1 is missing the 7th chain, Rnd 2 is missing the instructions for one of the rings( so my version only shows 7 rings and chains where the ring is joined to the second picot of chain in RND 1 and that is it.) I have not gotten to the third and fourth RNDS yet. So thanks in advance if anyone can help with some contact info or a corrected pattern :)

    1. Mary, other than the changes I noted above, I'm not aware of anything else in the pattern. Back when I first tatted this doily, I contacted the publisher. I did receive a reply from them, but as I recall it really didn't help me.


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