Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learn to Tat

I absolutely love my shuttle collection! I've actually used about 2/3 of them for some project or another, but I know that shuttle collecting isn't for everyone. If I weren't able to collect shuttles, I'd be perfectly happy with my Clovers. They're light, and the pick is easy to use. The only time I don't like using them is when I'm tatting with size 10 thread... I run out of thread way too quickly!

I pulled my Learn to Tat by Janette Baker off the book shelf over the weekend, and I decided to use up some bits of thread on two of my Clover shuttles. I love the Easy Bookmark and Heart patterns. They're simple, yet very pretty. I guess that's the nature of tatting!

Oh, dear! I see some thread emerging from the green shuttle! I guess I'm going to have to empty another shuttle!

P.S. - Easy Bookmark is #5, and Heart is #6 for the 25 Motif Challenge.


  1. That looks like a beautiful book and I love my Clover shuttles too. For everything a purpose....

  2. The book looks wonderful! I've heard from other tatters who happen to be beginners that this is a wonderful book to learn from as it is very clear and easy to understand and the DVD inside is very helpful! I love collecting shuttles, too, but my faves to actually work with are my ugly plastic aero-knockoffs! LOL!

  3. Oooh I LOVE this book and DVD. Even though I did call it a CD on my blog; LOL Well, I still remember tose large black round things with a hole in the middle (records 33 1/3)

    I like my little clover shuttles, they are so handy to carry and the points do a go job of picking up the threads on all but the very, very fine tatting thread.

    I'm suggesting that my new tatting students get the Book, to work with in between sessions. Then, as they have a problem I can be of help to them.

    I actually have thread on most of my shuttle collection with the exception of the vintage, metal shuttles. And, that's because I just don't care for metal shuttles. But that is just 'me'.

    So far, I'ved tatted an edging from the book, in size 20 Vintage Coates Cro Sheen thread. I don't usually use ecru; but, this edging just called out for a traditional look. And, I finished it in one afternoon which was a real plus!

    I'm happy when my choices in tatting books are validated by other tatters.


  4. I'm sure I said this the last time you posted about this book but-I really want this book. Actually, maybe two; I think my Aunt would like this book as well. One question though: does the book just cover shuttle tatting, or does it cover needle as well?

  5. I think this would be a great book for my MIL. I've tried to teach her to tat but with no success.

  6. It is a great book, and I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially beginners. It only covers shuttle tatting, Jeff. I believe Handy Hands has a needle tatting video.

  7. If i could Im sure I would be a shuttle collector!! this book is wonderful and your tat too!!

  8. i'm not just crazy about collecting shuttles... books are in the list. oh dear me, i gotta work harder at controlling myself (LOL). thanks for sharing about the book, diane.

  9. It all looks like such fun! My problem is that I want to do too much (needlepoint, making teddy bears, decorating, tatting, jewelry making, and on and on and on...).

    Thanks so much for your kind remarks about my blog remodel! Believe it or not it did not take long at all!

    I look forward to visiting your blog again and seeing some of your tatting projects!

  10. Hi Diana, could you email me at wildmtnrose at verizon dot net?
    Thanks! Love your tatting!!!


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