Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tatting with Finca

Jane asked me to let her know how I liked Presencia Finca, which I bought online. So, I dutifully neglected Dave's afghan and tatted up a bookmark. I didn't really neglect Dave's afghan... I did knit 4 rows.

This is an adaptation of Mary Konior's Flower Fragment from Tatting with Visual Patterns. Have I mentioned that this is one of my favorite books? The thread is Finca #16, color #7644. Don't ask me why I chose this color. I don't really care for orange, and I don't think it fits a floral motif very well, but it is what I used!

I can't say this is my favorite thread. After all, I am a confirmed HDT addict! Aside from that fact, this is not a bad thread. I agree with Steph... the colors are beautiful, and this size tats nicely... not bumpy like thicker perle cotton. There were a few slubs, but I was able to work through them because they weren't too big... more like fuzz lumps that pulled away fairly easily.

I admit that I had a prejudice against perle cotton. I had bought some of the thicker DMC perle cotton a few years ago. The bumps made it nearly impossible for me to tat. But this past summer, my mom gave me some of her perle cotton that she uses for weaving. I tried tatting with it, and I really liked it. That experience made it much easier for me to try the Finca.

So, dear Jane, I think it's worth a try! Now, on to trying out the shuttle for Clyde!

P.S. ~ This is number 3 for the 25 Motif Challenge!


  1. Very pretty little bookmark and thank you for the thread info. Now, I'm with Clyde waiting to hear about the shuttle. I have been to ebay and looked at them.

  2. Many people dislike perle cottons and with good reason as it is "soft" and gets fuzzy very easily. I really enjoy perles, even DMC! I love the sheen the give when tatted up! You are doing nicely!

  3. Thank you, you little darlin'! Poor Dave. Give him a hug from me and tell him it was the mad old git in the UK's fault that his afghan was put on hold!!! Great report on the thread - much appreciated.


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