Monday, October 12, 2009

All systems go!

With the days getting shorter, I really need to use my scanner to get good images. However, I haven't been able to use my scanner since I upgraded my OS to Snow Leopard. All I needed was a little time off (courtesy of Columbus Day), to figure out the problem. I needed to download the new scanner driver. It didn't take long, but I did need a little down time to get my brain headed in the right direction!

Here's the Japanese motif I was working on. I messed up on the last ring... forgot one picot and twisted the join... and it took me a while to undo my mess! I'm very happy with the final product, and it's the right size for the coasters I've been making. This is Altin Basak #3003, size 50. I really like this thread... until I have to retro-tat! I have to be very careful to not shred the thread!

I also messed up on Sheila York's pattern from Projects in Tatting. How is it that I can tat for months and have no problems joining, and then I mess up three joins in a row? It must be a mental block! I love the way Confetti Sprinkles from LadyShuttleMaker tats up. This one looks good enough to eat!

I took some time to work on my CQ block this weekend. I didn't get much done... I was having too much fun looking at CQ books for inspiration! I should have done all my embroidery stitches first, but a little piece of tatted lace was just calling to me to be put in its corner, and I just had to do it! Then, I felt the need to add some purple crystal beads under the fairy... shimmering water, you know!

Dave and I went to southwest Michigan to tour some wineries on Saturday to celebrate our 29th anniversary. It was a beautiful day, and we really enjoyed ourselves! I worked on dish cloths while we were driving. A friend of mine asked me to knit 12 for her to give as Christmas gifts. After seeing how pretty the new ones look, I really think I should knit some new ones for myself!


  1. Hi Diane,

    Lovely motifs, I especially like the second one.

    And your quilt block is gorgeous!! I love the colors in it.

    I use to live in Kalamazoo, Mi and we use to visit the wineries and do the tours and tasting all the time. And Kalamazoo would have a big Wine Festival. It was so much fun!!

  2. I LOVE the Confetti Sprinkles motif! It looks great in that thread, which is so pretty.

    The Japanese motif will make a dynamite coaster!
    Fox : )

  3. I can't wait to see your CQ block completed. I just made my first CQ block also. It's very addictive. I've got my stuff to put together another one. I plan on putting buttons on mine in the corners so I can put them on a pillow and change them out when I get tired of looking at it.

    The tatted motifs turned out really pretty.

  4. I have a wee question (have Snow L. also) What brand is your scanner? I have a Cannon portable scanner and there's a scanner on the HP; but I'm hoping I can use the portable scanner as it's easier for me to get things done while I'm less able to be mobile.
    Love your quilt block. That looks like so much fun.
    I like the Confetti thread, very pretty.
    X Bev

  5. Love your motifs and your cq is gorgeous! Can hardly wait to see it finished :)

    Congratulations on your 29th!

    Jo :)

  6. Lookin' good!!! I especially enjoy the feather stitch above her too, not sure why but I always adore feather stitching! LOL

  7. So many pretty things to look at! Your motifs are SO pretty - the confetti sprinkles is ESPECIALLY yummy!

    You are doing BEAUTIFUL work on your CQ. Your stitches are so neat and I really like the floss you are using. I say cater to your whimsey and add stuff as the spirit moves you - your beads and tatting are pretty additions even IF they were supposed to wait.

    Congratulations on your 29th!
    :) Ann

  8. Your motifs look so polished and perfect. And it is so nifty to peek in at your crazy quilt project.

    Congrats on your 29th!

  9. Hi Diane, your scanner's images aren't too bad! I can see stitch counts and everything. That seems like a nice one. I would like to buy a new scanner at the beginning(ish) of the new year. Your motifs are very nice. No need to point out all those mistakes...didn't even notice them even with your call to their attention.

    The fabrics in your CQ block are very pretty!

  10. Hi Diane, I haven't visited for a while, but I can see that your tatting is as beautiful as ever. The tension is spot-on and the picots are perfect.

  11. Hi Diane,
    I came over to say thank you for the nice comment on my blog today! ☺

  12. I would love to take a class when I'm up there next summer. Also, I love Alison's blog.

  13. Your blog is one of the first I check, after a long absence from the online tatting world! Nice, as usual! :) Lots of interesting things to read.... and I just got an idea! Thanks for the inspiration! :) Off to tat!


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